To those who feel lost and are searching for Healing and Light . . .

This book encourages you to explore your journey with the Divine Spirit, giving NEW HOPE and inspiration.

Open to healing.
Open to a Spirit-filled life.

If you are . . .

Meet Lisa

I wrote this book to uplift and inspire my fellow human beings around the world!

I’ve filled countless journals over the years. I started journaling after my 23-year-old brother took his life.

It was a devastating blow to our family.

Journaling helped me to process the immense grief I was feeling.

My journaling reflected not only my grief journey, but also included my evolving spiritual journey as I focused on the call of Matthew 25.

Around 2007, I began to gather all my writings and realized that these writings could possibly help others feel less alone as they searched to find their own way in life.

The journey of life can be incredibly painful. The pain can be searing, unfathomable — this book not only speaks to the beauty of life and the magnificence of the spiritual journey – but also to how excruciatingly painful life can be.

The book speaks honestly of life’s radiance and splendor but also life’s agony.

I hope by reading the book you feel less alone. I hope you feel less isolated in your experience and that you regain the strength/or build the strength – to live-into your own wondrous adventure.

Through vignettes, poetry, and dialogue; Lisa shares her spiritual
journey and personal experiences of living a radical call to the Gospel.
Her story is told in four movements.

Above: meditations on Divine mystery.
Along: explorations of Lisa’s relationships with others and creation.
Inside: reflections on the inner spiritual journey.
Through: moments of healing through life’s painful experiences.

Her inspirational story leads us to new understandings of
how the Divine works in each of our lives and provides moments of insight for growth and hope.

The photography from Lisa’s husband, Chris Carollo, encourages viewers
to gain inspiration, emotion, or a move towards action.

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More about Lisa . . .

Lisa Wagner-Carollo is the Founder and Artistic Director of Chicago’s Still Point Theatre Collective. She founded the company in 1993, motivated by a strong desire to combine ministry and theatre.   Prior to starting the company, she lived in the L’Arche Heartland Community in Kansas City and St. Catherine’s Catholic Worker in Chicago. She began Still Point’s theatre program for women in prison at Chicago’s Metropolitan Correctional Center. Presently, the program also includes workshops at Cook County Jail and a program at Grace House for women who have recently left prison.  She also began Still Point’s theater program for adults with developmental disabilities, The Imagination Workshop. For over two decades, she has toured the country and overseas with the one-woman play Haunted by God: The Life of Dorothy Day. Ms. Wagner-Carollo co-wrote this play with Lead Writer Paul Amandes and Robert McClory.

Wagner has also performed in and produced (for Still Point), the internationally toured Points of Arrival: A Jean Donovan Journey, a play that explores the life and commitment of one of the four North American church women killed in El Salvador in 1980. 

She co-wrote and produced the Still Point plays Walking with Them, Visionary at the Helm: The Bold Leadership of Monsignor John O’Grady, and Living Water.

Her education includes a B.S.E. from Emporia State University. She completed her certification as a spiritual director at Siena Center in Racine, Wisconsin and began a spiritual direction practice in 2010.


  • Outstanding recent graduate, Emporia State University, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 1997
  • Volunteer of the Year, Metropolitan Correctional Center, 2006
  • Seeds of Hope Award, Wheat Ridge Ministries, 2009
  • Jeannie Johnson Hirsch Award for Community Service, 2014 (Still Point Theatre Collective Honor)

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